Services for Corporates

Congratulations! Your company is one of the growing legion of firms
taking the world’s environmental future into its own hands. Whether your sustainability goals are centered around renewable energy usage or carbon footprint mitigation, APX provides the products and services to help you achieve your corporate goals. Voluntary environmental markets are rapidly growing. Last year over 45 million tons of carbon were voluntarily retired by entities such as your firm. And now over 100 corporations have committed to 100% renewable power. However these environmental markets are still maturing and in some areas of the world only limited solutions exist. This makes it all the more critical to meet your sustainability goals with a trusted Pioneer in the Environmental
Commodity markets – APX.

Voluntary Renewable Energy Purchasing

Thirty states in the U.S. and many Western European countries have established renewable energy registries for compliance mandatory renewable energy purchasing.  As a result, purchasing renewables in those regions is more of a straightforward process with well defined rules and procedures.

APX has created Tradable Instruments for Global Renewables (TIGRs) to help you securely navigate these critical issues in the regions and countries that don’t have mandatory renewable energy programs– empowering you to meet your goals in a transparent and trusted way:

North America:  The North American Renewable Registry (NAR)

Asia, South America & the Middle East:  The APX TIGRs Registry

Voluntary Carbon Offsets Purchasing

For those corporations who have developed their sustainability goals around carbon footprint mitigation, APX offers a full suite of solutions. If you are looking for US-based carbon offsets, APX helped build the Climate Action Reserve and the American Carbon Registry. Both offer superior solutions for voluntary carbon offsetting.  If your company is looking for global offsets,
then APX runs the Verified Carbon StandardRegistry.