Services for Renewable Energy Project Developers

The renewable energy landscape is rapidly evolving and APX offers solutions for many of the challenges project developers now face.

Required Registry Tracking for Voluntary Renewable Energy Purchasing in the US and Canada

Recent changes to the Green-e Renewable Energy Standard for Canada and the United States now require most generation to be tracked in an approved tracking system in order for it to qualify for Green-e certification.  APX’s North American Renewable Registry (NAR) is one such approved tracking system.  Registering your facility within NAR will ensure continued access to demand from Corporate purchasing, also known as the voluntary market.

This change applies to all generation occurring on or after July 1, 2018.  For more information about Green-e requirements, the full text of the Green-e Renewable Energy Standard for Canada and the United States can be found at

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Renewable Energy Purchasing Across the Globe

While corporate demand for renewable energy is rapidly expanding, few countries have market structure that accommodates purchasing and selling of renewables.  APX has launched Tradable Instruments for Global Renewables (TIGRs) to facilitate renewable energy purchasing trusted instruments that will allow you to monetize your environmental attributes. You can now more easily sell renewable energy worldwide with the help of a trusted environmental markets infrastructure pioneer – APX.

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Wholesale Scheduling and Settlement

As you look for offtakers beyond the traditional utility segment, your company will need to take on the responsibilities associated with scheduling and settling power with an ISO.  APX has been offering wholesale scheduling and settlement services for over 20 years and has fine tuned its services for renewable energy generators.

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