Utility Demand Response Program Solutions

Custom. Automate. Integrate.

The Full DRMS solution to facilitate easy program management and an increased customer experience.

One of the most critical elements for any utility is ensuring they deliver on “Customer First”. This is at the core of gaining participation in demand response programs and it’s no coincidence that APX holds the same true as our core principle. We’ve put a spotlight on ensuring we can streamline and speed up as much of the utility and customer interactions as possible.

The MarketSuite DRMS modules provide a single platform for utility customer representatives to utilize a streamlined enrollment portal and communicate to the demand response program team when customers have fulfilled the requirements to participate. This business process management has decreased the time for review of incoming enrollment requests delivering increased customer service results. Additionally, the Demand Response program team is able to rely on technology performing validations across program participation and automation to run any customizable contract settlements, invoicing, and performance assessments delivered in MarketSuite online reports. Lastly, the most critical dispatch module allows the utilities to schedule day-ahead or real-time dispatches as required for any grid constraints. The MarketSuite DRMS queues and sends notifications to AutoDR connected systems and email or text to all parties through our embedded third-party emergency response provider.

Features for any utility demand response program:

  • Customer Enrollment Portal
  • Program Capacity Nomination
  • Dispatch Management
  • Automated Notifications
  • Program Contract Settlement and Invoicing
  • Meter and Performance Reporting
  • API integrations with Utility systems