With unparalleled technology and development centers in both Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley, APX has been the leading provider of intelligent energy solutions for almost 20 years. We are continually investing in and evolving our cutting edge technology, fully customizable to each of the dynamic energy markets in which we operate. Our unique Software-as-a-Service solutions coupled with our expertly trained, experienced team serves as the bedrock of our power services—services so reliable, they underpin the majority of renewable energy and carbon credit programs in existence today.

Market Achievements

  • Created the first SaaS Hosted Technology for Scheduling and Settlement Services in Energy Markets. Now offered in all ISO markets as of 2012.
  • Largest SC Provider in CAISO (not including IOU’s)
  • Supports the first California Utility Demand Response Programs
  • Developed the first renewable energy credit (REC) registry (in Texas) and every other REC registry since (M-RETS, NAR, NEPOOL GIS, NYGATS, WREGIS, etc.)
  • Launched the technology for the first and second-approved California Air Resources Board (CARB) registry for carbon credits
  • Pioneered the first environmental commodity management account (The APX Environmental Management Account)