CAISO Demand Response

There is no other place across the country putting a spotlight on demand response like CAISO. With the California market booming with solar and battery storage options, DERs are actively looking for additional revenue streams in addition to peak shaving. Today, the CAISO market is diligently working on regulatory changes to expand participation in the day-ahead and real-time energy markets.

  • Proxy Demand Resources (PDR)
  • Reliability Demand Response Resources (RDRR)

In 2016, APX began supporting PDR resources with clients participating in the California IOU Demand Response Auction Mechanism. Clients were successfully able to submit daily bidding, receive awards, schedule, receive dispatches and trend their settlement statements. APX was there the whole way to guide them through wholesale market participation and coordinated closely with CAISO and the utilities. We are excited to help grow this market as it is home to our headquarters in Silicon Valley!