APX has 20+ years of environmental attribute tracking experience and long-standing, successful relationships with many participants from all roles in the voluntary REC market. Our North American Renewables Registry (NAR) is perfectly positioned to deliver a robust and proven REC tracking solution to the voluntary market, meeting the ever-evolving needs of our voluntary market clients looking to meet their increasingly ambitious sustainability goals.

Corporate Entities with RECs Retired in NAR
RECs Retired on Behalf of Corporate Entities
  • Established and proven REC tracking platform used by corporate buyers of renewable energy settling Power Purchase Agreements.
  • Ability to source RECs from any project in North America and have them delivered to your NAR account. This is made possible by NAR’s expansive footprint and REC transfer connections with every regional US REC registry
  • Enhanced REC retirement functionality allowing for clear tracking and effective sharing of REC retirement data:
    • Automated retirement notification process
    • Transparent public reports to display retirements
    • Retirement certificate documenting details of retirements
  • Robust suite of reporting tools to track all REC activity and details.
  • Direct integration with MISO, SPP, MISA enabling automated monthly uploads of settlement quality MWh data
  • Built-in reports and functionality to support green programs offered by utilities. 
  • Supports for utility green pricing, green tariff and green rider programs for both residential and commercial customers.
  • Easy to use interface to effectively retire RECs towards utility programs, whether it be on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
  • Access to the NAR team to tailor account functionality to meet the requirements of utility green programs, as well as the underlying customers participating in the utility green programs
  • NAR is the trusted registry for providers of Green-e® Energy Certified products.
  • Integration with the Green-e® Energy program enabling a streamlined verification process. 
  • Custom-built NAR retirement functionality enabling designation of specific RECs to Green-e® supply.
  • Automated monthly REC deliveries to offtakers
  • Established and diverse group of REC sellers, buyers and traders offering the most liquid REC marketplace in the United States.
  • Ability to track generation at hourly intervals giving projects flexibility to market RECs for programs requiring hourly granularity