ERCOT Demand Response

The key to our client’s success in ERCOT is the ability to provide critical emergency and ancillary services to tap into ERCOT revenue at a low operational cost. This ability to maintain business-as-usual ensures peace of mind that APX has their needs fully managed to notify clients when any dispatch arises.

Participating in ERCOT Demand Response will leverage many of the demand response services listed above. Contact us to begin understanding participation requirements and start participating!

  • Emergency Response Service includes
    • ERS-10 Non-Weather Sensitive
    • ERS-10 Weather Sensitive
    • ERS-30 Non-Weather Sensitive
    • ERS-30 Weather Sensitive

Our clients represent over 50% of the MWs participating in the Emergency Response Service(ERS) market! ERS participants are able to choose to bid into six time periods throughout the day with ten or thirty minute response times. No real-time SCADA communication with ERCOT is required.

  • Load Resources
    • Responsive Reserve Service (RRS)
    • Regulation Service
    • Fast Responding Regulation Service (FRRS)

APX technology and services have been utilized by ERCOT DR aggregators for over a decade. We are fully leveraged to connect these loads or load aggregations to the ERCOT grid through SCADA and deploying fully automated dispatch capabilities. Load Resource participation requirements include an under-frequency relay to control load on-site. Additionally, APX leverages SCADA communications to trigger alerts if any equipment failures occur so that they may be remedied quickly.