Power Scheduling & Energy Accounting Services

Our feature-rich, rapid deployment MarketSuite® platform provides secure, scalable, centralized wholesale integration for all scheduling and settlement activities. Together with dedicated account managers and 24/7 helpdesk support, the APX MarketSuite ensures the success of our client’s participation in the power markets as their businesses expand and requirements grow.

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MarketSuite provides energy traders and schedulers an easy-to-use system for bid capture, physical scheduling, market submissions, market clearing, real time scheduling, performance reporting, and settlements with all U.S. ISOs. Depending on your internal systems, MarketSuite can be directly integrated with your trade capture systems via API or you can upload Excel spreadsheets directly into MarketSuite.

Energy Accounting

APX MarketSuite Energy Accounting handles the complicated tasks of harvesting, storing, analyzing, and presenting your data from dozens of different ISO sources.

APX’s Energy Accounting module allows market participants to store all harvested ISO data and process it by viewing and tracking their data in APX’s specialized screens. APX provides an easy-to-use interface that allows analysts to validate their ISO statements and Market Exposure. The also provides charge code allocations driven by our Calculation Engine and Shadow Accounting utilizing independent data sources. It also offers dispute analysis and submission.

Our suite of reports includes finely-tuned performance views from multiple data sources to help optimize your resource management. We can easily configure additional client-specific charge code allocations and craft custom reports to provide you the exact view you require of your resource performance.

Reliable & Actionable Information

Data and delivery issues from upstream systems should not be your concern. The APX Sentinel Service employs a sophisticated framework that knows when and where your data will be published and will continually poll ISO systems during the appropriate time periods. Any harvesting failures or data holes are raised and dealt with by our 24×7 operations desk so Market Participants begin each day armed with a complete set of data. On top of that, we employ a series of integrity checks (including charge-code and invoice validation) to ensure a timely, accurate and complete information set. The centerpiece of the Sentinel Service is a management dashboard giving Market Participants a full view of their portfolio all on one screen.

Easy Information Access

Complete access to your data isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. APX can provide consolidated, analyzed data but also in-depth, raw datasets that you can use to make your own analysis. On-screen reports will only take you so far in helping to optimize your internal processes, which is why we offer several ways for you to integrate these datasets into your internal processes. If you require subsets of data, look to our REST-API solution. Utilizing watermark-based synchronization, the REST-API solution offers you fast and easy access to your report datasets and to raw ISO files such as prices and billing determinants. For those clients who require more comprehensive solutions, APX offers a custom star-schema data warehouse solution where you can perform your own ad-hoc queries or automate them to match your internal schedules.