DER Grid Services

Super Charged. Smart. Scalable.

APX Meets Needs for Utility and Wholesale DER Grid Participation

APX is the trusted partner for our clients who are looking to introduce smart technology to optimize the management and performance of their DER assets participating on the grid. These are exciting times with power markets opening their doors for many types of DERs to participate in demand response capacity and economic products. Let APX handle the complexities of the variation in products, participation rules, and processes from one region to another.

Our Utility clients leverage our Utility Demand Response Program solutions which provide the program registration, nomination, dispatch, metering, settlement and performance for any program configured on the MarketSuite platform. This has allowed them to evolve their demand response programs as needed to meet local grid constraints and scale the program support easily with APX.

Accessibility into the wholesale power market is simple and highly sophisticated with a variety of options to scale through APX. Our clients include:

  • Utilities
  • Power Retailers
  • DER Asset Managers (solar + storage)
  • Commercial and Industrial Load Aggregators
  • Corporate Energy Managers