A Single Portfolio View for Asset Management and Monitoring

EMA Portfolio Management links your REC and voluntary carbon registry accounts to provide a single-account-view of your portfolio, offering a uniform aggregated position and transaction view of all your REC and voluntary carbon assets.  It enables real-time transfer initiation and settlement, including retirement within originating registries, and provides mark-to-market valuation to your entire REC and carbon portfolio.  EMA also details REC eligibilities through a unique Environmental Instrument Number (EIN) and delivers robust reporting on active positions and historic activity.

Benefits Include:

  • Access an instant, comprehensive view of your entire environmental asset portfolio across renewable energy and voluntary carbon commodities and forwards contracts
  • Monitor and manage environmental assets across jurisdictions, registries and programs
  • Use a single source to access, acquire and transact renewable energy and carbon commodities
  • Increase productivity by reducing internal administration and tracking costs
  • Identify and reduce environmental exposure and risk