EMA Market Viewer provides management with a “balance sheet” level view of assets and liabilities, both current and future.  Environmental liabilities are one of the largest new factors in corporate risk management, and environmental commodities represent the fastest growing new commodity market.  Firms need a place to view and manage their corporate environmental compliance risk and their environmental “balance sheet” of assets and liabilities.  EMA combines spot positions with generation forecasts, forward buys and sales, and compliance obligations allowing account holders to quickly assess portfolio risks and exposure.


  • Access a comprehensive view of your environmental liabilities in a single view, across jurisdictions
  • Understand your exposure in depth with “drill-down” and aggregation features
  • Optimize your portfolio of credits and forward deals by matching assets and liabilities to determine the best risk/cost profile to meet your corporate objectives
  • All users have access to the same unified data set based on their privileges.  No stale data / update problems
  • Highly efficient reporting structure proves information that aids decision and timely alerts of events and transaction obligations