Public Reports

A list of reports available to view by the public includes:

  • Account Holders: This report lists the information about the account holders in the system.
  • Projects: This report shows all projects submitted to the Registry which have been at a minimum “Validated”. The project documents and basic project information can be referenced here.
  • Issued VCUs: This report lists information about all the VCUs issued in the Registry. Information provided includes—among other things—quantity of VCUs, VCU serial numbers, originating project name, project type, project location, and links to download project documentation.
  • VCU Serial Number Lookup: This report allows the public to view the status of VCUs.
  • Retired VCUs: This report lists all of the retired blocks of VCUs that have been retired in the Registry. The report will display quantity of credits retired, serial numbers, reason for retirement, transferee/honoree, and project name.
  • Bulletin Board Sales: This report lists all VCUs that have been transferred to the bulletin board. Information includes among other items: Quantity of VCUs (w. a link to detail report), Vintage of VCUs, Project Type, Project Country, Organization Name (Account Holder Name).
  • Public Sub-accounts: This report lists all sub-accounts that Account Holders have chosen to make public.
  • VCS Buffer Account Balance: This report lists all of the VCUs that have been placed in the VCS to cover the non-permanence risk associated with agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU) projects.