Massachusetts Biomass Registry
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Massachusetts Biomass Registry

The Massachusetts Biomass Electronic Certificate Registry (“Massachusetts Biomass Registry”) supports the biomass requirements of the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (RPS) Class I regulation (225 CMR 14.00).  The regulations require that qualified Generation Units must utilize Eligible Biomass Woody Fuel.  Such fuel comes from different sources that have various restrictions and attributes, which will be tracked by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) using the Massachusetts Biomass Registry.  Generation Units are required to comply with their fuel restrictions by demonstrating ownership and retirement of the appropriate number of electronic Biomass Fuel Certificates (‘BFC’).  Fuel suppliers will create Paper Certificates from forest-derived and non-forest derived sources, and then data from those documents is uploaded to the Biomass Registry which will issue electronic Certificates (BFCs) for each ton of fuel.



Massachusetts Biomass Registry User Guide

Massachusetts Biomass Registry Terms of Use



Name                                         Phone Number          Email

James Webb                             408-899-3341 


Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources

Name                                         Phone Number              Email

Jonathan T. Parrott, Ph.D.       617-626-7324       

Kara Sergeant                           617-626-7392       



APX and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources hosted a webinar on February 5, 2014 on the MA Biomass Registry.  The webinar provided participants with an overview of the MA Biomass Registry System and the ability to ask any questions they had regarding the MA Biomass Registry system.  The webinar recording and presentation slides are posted below:

MA Biomass Registry Webinar Recording

MA Biomass Registry Webinar Slides