Missouri Renewable Energy Standard

The North American Renewables Registry™ serves as the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) tracking system to demonstrate compliance with the Missouri Renewable Energy Standard. Missouri market participants can register accounts and renewable energy facilities by following the Registration link.

Certification Process

Before projects are approved in NAR, Account Holders must fill out an application for Missouri Eligibility and submit it to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources – Division of Energy for each project. To inquire about the Certification Process, please contact:

Eric Wright
Planner II

Missouri Department of Natural Resources
PO Box 176
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176
Phone: 573-751-7057
e-mail: eric.wright@dnr.mo.gov

Compliance Process

The process for retiring RECs for the Missouri Renewable Energy Standard is as follows:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select the RECs to be retired
  3. Select “Retirement’ – “Used by the Account Holder for a Renewable Portfolio Standard”, select “Missouri” from the drop-down and select the Compliance Year for which you are retiring.
  4. Click Submit and Confirm.

A history of Retirements can be viewed from the “Retirement Compliance Report”


Missouri Public Service Commission
Missouri Statute, Chapter 393
Information on Missouri Renewable Energy Standard from DSIRE

For more information, please Contact Us

Or Claire Eubanks at the Missouri Public Service Commission:

573-526-2953 Claire.Eubanks@psc.mo.go