Frequently Asked Questions

The North American Renewables Registry (NAR) issues, tracks and enables trading and retirement of certificates through a unique, traceable serial number issued for every megawatt hour (MWh) of qualifying energy generated by facilities registered with NAR. The system has been designated as the compliance system for the Missouri Renewable Electricity Standard (RES), the Kansas Renewable Energy Standards (RES), and Puerto Rico (RES). The State of North Carolina has also designated NAR as an eligible registry for facilities located outside of North Carolina that seek to be qualify for the North Carolina’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard. The system is set up to export certificates to NC RETS and accept imports of certificates from ERCOT, M-RETS, MIRECS, NC RETS, and WREGIS. Additional linkages will be established as needed.

Yes. The North American Renewables Registry was developed to serve as the tool to implement and verify compliance with the Missouri Renewable Electricity Standard, the Kansas Renewable Energy Standard, the Maine Renewable Portfolio Standard and the Puerto Rico Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard. It can also be used for registering projects eligible for the North Carolina Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard. Finally, NAR can also be utilized for transactions in the voluntary marketplace and for retirements in accordance with the Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard and Illinois Power Agency.

With the Registry, all participants in the renewable energy market are able to take advantage of a trusted infrastructure to help manage their role in the market. Benefits include:

  • Provides easy to use Web-based system
  • Ensures highest levels of transparency, quality, security, accountability and protection against double counting
  • Delivers full documentation, public reports & detailed audit trails for oversight
  • Extends to meet specific state requirements
  • Drives continued growth of clean energy generation and usage
  • Offers proven, rapid client service and support
  • Tracks eligibility for the Missouri, Kansas, New York, Illinois, Puerto Rico, and North Carolina compliance programs as well the voluntary eligibilities, including Green-e Energy and Low Impact Hydro Institute.
  • Enables REC retirements for demonstrating compliance with the Missouri Renewable Electricity Standard, Kansas Renewable Energy Standard, and Puerto Rico Renewable Portfolio Standard.
  • Available 24 hours a day 365 days a year

NAR stores and publicly displays renewable energy generator and project information. NAR also facilitates independent third-party certification and auditing of renewable energy generator projects as well as certificate retirement records.

Once a generating asset is registered and appropriate certificate documentation, affidavits and attestations are uploaded, the NAR administrator will issue one Renewable Energy Certificate for each megawatt-hour (MWh) of eligible energy reported to NAR. The asset owner then uses NAR to transfer certificates to another account holder or retire the certificates.

NAR ensures the integrity of the certificates through a transaction-based data structure designed to prevent double-counting and provide full audit trail capabilities. Additionally, NAR provides numerous publicly accessible reports that list Account Holders, the status of generators and projects, and information about both issued and retired certificates.

The North American Renewables Registry is powered by the most widely used, highest volume, and technically advanced environmental market infrastructure that has been developed over nearly a decade. With more than 2 billion certificates under management, APX market infrastructure sets the standard for ensuring integrity in environmental markets. As an independent and trusted provider of infrastructure solutions, APX is fully committed to the highest market transparency and a level playing field for all market participants and stakeholders. We do not make markets or take principal positions in environmental transactions, and are not a bank, brokerage or marketer.

Renewable energy generation is substantiated through metering records, official filings with the Energy Information Administration as well as independent reporting from qualified third parties, such as the Midwest ISO.

Anyone can have an account in the North American Renewables Registry. Obtaining an account requires completing the account registration process and paying the account registration fees.

A renewable energy project can be registered by anyone who has legal title to the project. Typically this would be a generator owner or a project developer.

The Registry accepts registration of all renewable energy technologies. However, eligibility for state programs such as Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Puerto Rico, and North Carolina will only be displayed if the facility qualifies according to the state specific criteria.

Generation can be loaded back two years from the date of registering a project with NAR provided adequate generation data and records are available.

Missouri requires that every Missouri Electric Service Provider retire certificates only for their own obligation.

The North American Renewables Registry is not a trading exchange. An exchange matches buyers and sellers in a transaction, and the Registry does not do this. Buyers and sellers may identify each other using reports and public documents provided by the Registry, but deal negotiation and financial transactions happen outside the Registry. Once the financial transaction occurs, the seller uses the Registry to transfer certificates into the buyer’s account. So the Registry is the system of record to complete the physical transaction, perform the transfer, and reflect the sale.

We do offer a Bulletin Board feature on which account holders can post RECs available for sale. It is available on our Public Report page

The North American Renewables Registry tracks certificates originating from NAR. Certificates from ERCOT, MIRECS, M-RETS, NC-RETS, and WREGIS can be imported into NAR. Certificates from NAR can be exported to NC RETS for use with the North Carolina Portfolio Standard. APX is working on establishing similar links with additional tracking systems.

General Account: This type of Account can hold, transfer (outgoing and incoming), and Retire certificates. A General Account can also register and maintain Assets and have certificates issued to it for its Assets. This is the only account type that can retire certificates for compliance with the Missouri Renewable Electricity Standard.

Project Account: This type of Account can register Assets and have certificates issued to it for its Assets. A Project Account can hold, transfer (only outgoing transfers), withdraw and retire certificates. A Project Account cannot receive transfers from other parties.

Retail Purchaser Account: This type of Account is for retail purchasers of certificates. A Retail Purchaser Account can hold, accept incoming transfers, and retire certificates. They can also register and maintain Assets that are under 1MW in capacity and have certificates issued in their Account. A Retail Purchaser Account cannot make outgoing transfers.

Energy Efficiency Account: This type of Account can register energy efficiency projects as Assets and have EECs issued to it for its projects. An Energy Efficiency Account can hold, transfer (only outgoing transfers), withdraw and Retire EECs. An Energy Efficiency Account cannot receive transfers from other parties.

Qualified Reporting Entity (QRE)/ Verifier Account: An Account Holder with a QRE Account is assigned to an Asset and is responsible for verifying generation or storage information from that Asset. NAR tracks the specific types of Assets for which QRE’s are approved to provide services, ensuring that they are suitably qualified and accredited. The QRE Account cannot hold certificates.

Program Administrator Account: This type of Account is provided to administrators of compliance and voluntary programs that utilize NAR and/or have eligibilities noted for certain certificates. It will allow Program Administrators to review eligibilities and compliance reports. Asset details will only be displayed in a Program Administrator Account if the Account Holder registering that Asset has listed it as eligible according to the specific program/certification. More details on the different account types can be found in the Operating Rules and Terms of Use.

The Terms of Use is a standard document common to all users of NAR. This document cannot be customized for each user as the Terms of Use must apply to all current subscribers. Users are encouraged to suggest potential changes, which will be considered in future revisions of the Terms of Use.

The North American Renewables Registry strikes a balance between respecting the privacy of certain account holders and providing the public with complete Registry transparency. As a result, NAR provides a number of publicly accessible reports that provide comprehensive information about the renewable projects without requiring account holders to disclose their presence or their certificate inventory. The reports provide comprehensive information about all renewable energy projects.

Any account holder in possession of certificates, including their own, can retire the certificates. Only the General Account can retire RECs for compliance with the Missouri Renewable Electricity Standard and Kansas Renewable Energy Standards.

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