Kansas Renewable Energy Standards Act

Managing Kansas Goal with the Kansas Renewable Energy Standards Act in NAR

The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) decided in 2010 to use the North American Renewables Registry (NAR) to assist in verifying compliance by Kansas investor-owned utilities and cooperatives with the Renewable Energy Standards Act (the RES Act). While the RES Act is based on generation capacity, NAR tracking is needed in order to facilitate integration with other renewable portfolio standards (RPS) and voluntary markets, which are energy based. For renewable facilities where a portion of the capacity is allocated to attainment of the Kansas goal, this allocation is recorded in NAR and the associated RECs are retired. This allows for RECs from the remaining capacity to be used for other purposes, such as retirement in other compliance markets (e.g. Missouri and Maine) or transfer to counterparties active in additional markets, such as Green-e Energy, North Carolina, etc.


It is a requirement for this process that the entire capacity for the Renewable Energy facility is registered in NAR and used for issuance. The Kansas utility or cooperative will also need to create a Kansas Goal sub-account in NAR for each Compliance Year. The Kansas Goal User Guide under the Links section of this page outlines the steps for how to create, manage, and submit the Kansas Goal Sub-Account for final retirement.

Transition to Voluntary Goal

In 2015, some sections of the RES Act were repealed and other sections were amended; most notably, the renewable energy standard for Kansas is now a voluntary goal. The RES Act is composed of the following Sections of Kansas 2015 Statute:

Because the renewable energy standard for Kansas was changed to a voluntary goal, the KCC’s regulations that relate to electric utility renewable energy standards were revised. The revised regulations became effective February 24, 2017. The KCC’s regulations regarding electric utility renewable energy standards are comprised of:


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