Open an Account

Opening an account with the APX VCS Registry can be started online, and typically takes two business days for approval. The steps involved in the Account Opening process are shown below – you may find it useful to print them out or keep the page open while you complete the New Account form.

  1. Review the APX VCS Registry Documents
  2. Select the appropriate Account Type and Begin Registration
    • Select the appropriate Account Type and click the “Continue Registration” button. Note: this will open a new browser window.
    • Project Proponent Account: This account type has been assigned the Rights of Registration for a given offset project. This gives the designated Account Holder full and sole management and authority over the transactions and activities related to the offset project within the APX VCS Registry. This account can transfer VCUs to counterparties.
    • General Account Holder: This account can register projects and transfer and retire VCUs.
    • Retail Aggregator Account Holder: This account can receive VCUs in its account and retire on behalf of third parties.
    • End-User Account Holder: This account can receive VCUs in its account and retire VCUs for its own benefit.
  3. Read and agree to the Online APX VCS Registry Terms of Use
    • This is your next step after clicking “Continue Registration”.
    • Acceptance of the Terms of Use must be indicated by identifying an authorized representative from your organization;
    • Review all terms with checking each section;
    • Lastly, agree to the Terms of Use by pressing the “I Agree” button.
  4. Complete New Account Application Form
    • Upon accepting the Terms of Use, you will be presented with an online New Account Application Form
    • You must complete all required fields, which are noted by an asterisk (*).
    • When complete, click “Submit”.
  5. Activate the Account
    • Upon submitting the New Account Application form, the Account Manager will receive an Account Activation email.
    • You must activate the account to notify the APX VCS Registry Administrator of your pending account.
  6. Application Review by Administrator
    • The APX VCS Registry Administrator will review the account application and contact you.
    • If the account application is complete and approved, an Account Approval Email will be sent to the designated Account Manager at the Email address provided in the New Account Application form.
    • If materials are incomplete or additional information is required, the APX VCS Registry Administrator will notify the Account Manager.
  7. Begin using your account
    • Approved accounts may begin using all functions of the system available to their User Type.
  8. Account Billing upon Account Approval
    • General, Retail Aggregator and End User Accounts will be billed for the Annual Account Subscription Fees upon account approval.
    • Once the invoice is created, the APX VCS Registry sends the Account Manager an Email notification with the invoice and payment details.
    • The Invoice is also available online via the “My Invoices” report within the APX VCS Registry for downloading and printing.
    • Invoices must be paid in 30 days. Failure to pay will result in account deactivation.
    • Note: Verifiers and Project Proponents WILL NOT owe Annual Account Subscription Fees.