Renewable Forecast Integration

Advanced. Compliant. Automated

Generation resources in ERCOT, MISO and PJM are currently telemetered and controlled by APX systems. APX offers a hosted Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solution integrated with the APX MarketSuite® for scheduling, operations, and settlements in these regions. Additionally, clients can monitor resources using a web browser and access historical data. This integrated solution provides a cost-effective and reliable alternative by eliminating the complexity, cost, and project risk for generators.

Also, APX integrates with wind, solar, biomass and waste management resources across several regions. The integration with third-party forecasts and our APX MarketSuite® fully automates ISO scheduling of intermittent resources, including the most current forecast updates prior to the adjustment period deadline. This is a cost-effective, labor-saving solution for scheduling resources and complying with ISO programs.

For all our clients, we provide a cross-market scheduling and settlement API for a single point of integration to many ISO regions and web services for a machine-to-machine interface for downloading files and data.

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Benefits include:

    • Fast track setup coordinating with third parties, the resource facility, and ISO
    • No large implementation, operations, and maintenance costs
    • Compliant with ISO and/or NERC regions
    • Extensive in-house technical support team
    • Advanced automated processes
    • Additional 24/7 operations monitoring through APX Operations Center