MarketSuite Scheduling

Reliable. Available. Secure.

The APX MarketSuite® provides secure, web-based application functionality for all scheduling business processes related to ISO market participation enabling market participants to prepare, submit, and confirm daily and adjustment schedules/bids/offers, as well as manage resource parameters.

ISO market participants also need the ability to easily access data to support decision-making. The APX MarketSuite® enables users to query for original source files and operational data. Clients can download and/or print files and reports. All files and data are also available via web services.

Benefits include:

  • Manage ISO positions and submissions across ISO regions
  • Submit schedules/bids/offers and manage resources parameters and view market results from any location at any time
  • Save time and avoid mistakes with smart selectors, copy forward, advanced copy and paste, sorting and filtering, and favorites
  • View summary and detailed information for all transactions in the APX Checkout view with status indicators and quick links
  • Implement machine-to-machine processing with the cross market API for scheduling data and web services for file and data reporting
  • Reduce internal administration, tracking and storage costs
  • Comply with data retention policies and requirements