Flexible. Proven. Cost Effective.

APX Operations Center professionals deliver 24/7 operations support to address routine operational needs, as well as real time issues. The convenience and flexibility of night, weekend, and holiday operations and phone coverage – our services are available to meet your specific needs. APX MarketOps services are available for all hours, non-business hours only, or as a backup. APX MarketOps services include: ISO 24/7 Real-Time Agent, Counterparty Transaction Management (for trades, bookouts and NERC e-Tags), Resource Control Center (for dispersed wind and/or solar farms), Helpdesk Services, Resource Management (for dispatches and outages, including demand response dispatching), and more.

The APX Operations Center is secure and equipped with redundant power including onsite backup generation and telecommunications including wireless technology. We also maintain a backup center just in case of losing physical access to our main site. However, we can set up our operations at any site, because the APX MarketSuite® is located remotely in secure data centers and is accessible from anywhere over the Internet, and our phone systems are portable.

Benefits include:

  • Minimal initial start up cost and lower ongoing cost through predictable, monthly cost based on your specific needs
  • No need to implement additional operational facilities with redundant systems
  • No need to hire, train and manage real-time operations staff
  • Comply with ISO protocols and NERC security standards
  • Work with knowledgeable professionals with a proven track record