Green-e Tracking in NAR

Recent changes to the Green-e Renewable Energy Standard for Canada and the United States now require most generation to be tracked in an approved tracking system in order for it to qualify for Green-e certification.  The North American Renewables Registry (NAR) is an approved tracking system supporting the Green-e tracking and verification process. This change applies to all generation occurring on or after July 1, 2018. By registering your renewable energy project in NAR, you ensure that buyers can continue to purchase RECs from your project and use them for Green-e certified sales.

NAR tracks renewable energy generation from more than 400 projects in 20 states including Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina. More than 36 million RECs were issued in 2017 in NAR and a large proportion of this was retired for Green-e sales. In addition to Green-e NAR also supports renewable energy tracking for:

  • Power Purchase Agreements for utilities and business purchasing renewable energy directly
  • Renewable Portfolio Standard markets in Illinois, Maine, Missouri and Puerto Rico
  • Aggregation of small solar assets
  • Tracking of generation vs targets for achieving sustainability goals
  • Import and exports of RECs with other tracking systems
  • And more.

To see a list of businesses, electric cooperatives, green-e marketers, municipalities, project developers, traders and utilities using NAR go here

Registering in NAR is quick and easy and will provide you with the documentation that your buyers are asking for. APX staff will be happy to help you with this process. Contact us today at, 408-899-3341 or complete this form to learn more.  For more information about Green-e requirements, the full text of the Green-e Renewable Energy Standard for Canada and the United States can be found at