TIGRs Overview

Renewable energy certificates (RECs) track all environmental attributes of 1 megawatt hour of renewably generated power. This allows buyers to demonstrate progress toward sustainability goals in a metric, transparent, and verifiable way. For renewable power generators, RECs can provide an additional revenue stream and shorten payback periods on investments.

The Tradable Instrument for Global Renewables (TIGR) Registry is an online platform for tracking and trading RECs in Asia, Africa and the Americas. The Registry enables developers to generate, verify, and sell RECs. It allows buyers to source RECs anywhere in the world while managing all assets in a single online portal.

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5 Easy Steps to Register

StepAction and Time FrameDetailed Process
1Open an Account
(1 to 2 weeks)
APX will walk your firm through the know your client (KYC) verification process. This involves submitting company documents and answering questions about how it intends to use RECs.
The KYC process is not required for entities that have an active account in other APX registries, such as the APX VCS Registry.
2Register Projects
(1 to 2 weeks)
Following account activation, developers can bring generation assets online. APX will request documents to identify each project, registration details and ownership.
3 Confirm Ownership of Environmental Attributes
(1 week)
The account holder will be requested to demonstrate legal ownership of their environmental attributes and confirm that attributes are not being (and will not be) double counted. APX may conduct research to substantiate these claims.
4Select a Qualified Reporting Entity (QRE)APX works with third party entities to verify generation independently. Developers select from a list of approved QREs to validate generation volumes.
5Issue RECs for first quarter of generationThe QRE will upload validated generation data into the Registry, and corresponding RECs will be issued to the developer. These RECs are “active” and can be sold and traded immediately.

TIGR Countries

The TIGR Registry supports REC issuance and tracking in Asia, Africa and the Americas contingent on documentable ownership of environmental attributes.  See the TIGRs Project Registration Requirements for more information.  Current projects registered in the TIGR Registry and their locations are listed in the Public Project Report.

For voluntary renewable energy tracking in North America, companies use the North American Renewables Registry (NAR).

Why Register

By issuing RECs in the TIGR Registry, project developers demonstrate compliance with the most rigorous verification standards. This enables them to conduct business with the world’s leading brands, and to substantiate compliance with standards set by: The RE100, CDP, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the Science Based Targets Initiative, the We Mean Business Coalition, the Business Renewables Council, and the Renewable Energy Buyer’s Alliance, the Green-e Standard among many more.  The TIGR Registry enables developer-corporate REC transactions in each of the following arrangements:

  • Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements
  • Unbundled REC Purchases/Sales
  • Green Tariff/Option/Pricing programs offered by electricity retailers
  • Onsite generation coupled with attribute tracking

The global demand for renewable energy is growing fast. Corporate and industrial energy consumers want to buy renewable power using a credible tracking system. The TIGR Registry enables transparent, secure, and reliable tracking of RECs, backed by APX quality standards. APX’s 15+ years of experience working with the world’s leading brands. Transacting RECs through the TIGR Registry provides a layer of trust and credibility for buyers and sellers alike.

Who Buys RECs?

The most frequent REC buyers are large brands that wish to demonstrate their commitment to using renewable energy. Members of the RE100, the We Mean Business Coalition, and other industry associations use RECs to meet international commitments.  Account holders using APX’s voluntary REC registries include project developers, corporate purchasers, retailers, utilities, brokers, qualified reporting entities and more.  A list of TIGR Registry account holders can be found here.

RECs from Carbon Projects

Renewable Energy projects accredited by carbon standards can choose to issue RECs in lieu of carbon credits if they also qualify for registration in the TIGR Registry. Such projects may also choose to convert already-issued carbon credits to RECs.  To convert carbon credits to RECs is an easy 4 step process:

  • Open Account in TIGR Registry
  • Register Project and Provide Carbon Validation & Verification Report
  • Provide Retirement Details from carbon registry and completed REC Conversion Deed
  • Issue RECs

Alternatively, a project owner can choose to issue RECs from a specified vintage period in lieu of issuing carbon credits if the carbon project is registered with an APX carbon registry. To do so is an easy 4 step process:

  • Open Account in TIGR Registry
  • Register Project and Provide Carbon Validation & Verification Report
  • Provide Registration Representation and REC Issuance Deed
  • Issue RECs

Third Party Verification

APX registry solutions require third-party verification for all generation data that is uploaded to the registry. We offer two methods to accomplish this:

  • Project owners can work with an independent reporter (Qualified Reporting Entity) to report the generation data directly to the TIGR Registry. Examples of entities that provide this service include power system operators, independent verifiers and Designated Operational Entities familiar with the reporting process from the carbon markets.
  • Alternatively, APX can connect directly to meters at the project site, read the generation data remotely, and automatically import this data to the registry after validation. Our experience with providing services for power plants and storage units globally enables us to offer this unique service to participants in the TIGR Registry.

Transaction Services

APX’s global network and contacts enables us to match buyers and sellers. If you are looking to be introduced to a buyer or seller let us know and we can assist. If this leads to a transaction APX can also offer escrow services to help facilitate delivery-versus-payment. In select markets we work CBL Markets – the leading exchange for voluntary environmental markets.

About Us

APX’s mission is to empower the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

APX’s combination of our 15+ years of pioneering environmental markets and our 20+ year history of providing technology solutions to wholesale power participants drives our broad spectrum of sustainable energy solutions.  We partner with renewable power producers, innovative utilities, enlightened commercial and industrial consumers as well as top government agencies and NGO’s.

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