TIGRs Overview
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TIGRs Overview

The global voluntary renewable energy market needs a trusted, secure mechanism for transacting and retiring renewable energy attributes associated with specific investments and power purchase agreements. The TIGRs Standard and Procedures, allow project developers to utilize a legal framework, high APX standard for validating projects and verified production data resulting in issued TIGRs for each MWh produced. Buyers can now retire TIGRs from a specific renewable energy asset indicating their sustainability strategy has been met in any given region.

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About Us

APX’s mission is to empower the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

APX’s combination of our 15+ years of pioneering environmental markets and our 20+ year history of providing technology solutions to wholesale power participants drives our broad spectrum of sustainable energy solutions.  We partner with renewable power producers, innovative utilities, enlightened commercial and industrial consumers as well as top government agencies and NGO’s.

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Country Support

APX is actively engaging with numerous countries to birth TIGRs across the globe. Contact us to inquire about a country not currently highlighted below so we can begin discussions with you on supporting your TIGR transactions.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding new countries where TIGRs will be birthed.