TIGRs for Regulators

APX was chosen to develop all of the original tracking systems in the United States and continues to administer the majority of those tracking systems.  APX also provides carbon and renewable energy registries globally.

The TIGRs Advantage for Regulators:

  • Trusted Parties: Only entities meeting strict requirements are approved through the registry.
  • Validated supply: All projects and project developers are required to go through the TIGR validation process using a legal framework tailored for each country’s legal and energy regulatory policies
  • Regulatory Oversight: Built-in tools enable regulators to review accounts and projects that are seeking approval for government programs and drive transparency
  • Authenticity Assurance: Procedures are in place to prevent instruments from being double counted, with clearly labeled supply for each client, and guarantee verification of ownership
  • Full Disclosure: Clearly see all retired TIGRs used to meet government programs