TIGRs for Corporates /Buyers

Congratulations! Your company is one of the growing legion of firms taking the world’s environmental future into its own hands.   Over 100 corporations have committed to 100% renewable power. However corporate solutions for renewable power are still maturing and in some areas of the world only limited solutions exist. This makes it all the more critical to meet your renewable energy goals with the help of a trusted Pioneer in the Environmental Commodity markets – APX.  For the first time there is  a global renewable platform with custom-tailored individual country policies which allows for easier renewable energy purchasing.

Tradable Instruments for Global Renewables (TIGRs) – Locally Sourced & Globally Trusted
TIGRs are authenticated instruments, created through a fundamental legal framework, high standard for qualifying projects and production data with country-specific processes.

The TIGRs Advantage for Buyers:

  • Trusted Parties: Sellers must meet stringent requirements and are screened to ensure all parties are reputable firms
  • Validated Supply: The legal framework is tailored for each country and each country’s legal and energy regulatory policies
  • Authenticity Assurance: Procedures are in place to prevent instruments from being double counted and guarantee verification of ownership
  • Transparency: A registry system to enforce these country-specific policies and provide public information about projects; utilize private access through the registry to verify retirement and reporting
  • Sustainability Reports: Utilize registry reports for clients requiring sustainability reporting following the WRI GhG Protocol and CDP

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