Are you interested in participating in ERCOT’s various Demand Response products such as Emergency Response Service (ERS) Non-Weather and Weather Sensitive products? Or have a Load Resource (LR) and want to start participating in the Ancillary Services market?

APX will be hosting a FREE Webinar on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 2:30 PM CDT for REPs, Aggregators and general Market Participants that are interested in participating in ERCOT’s Demand Response markets. APX has the solution that will help your organization perform successfully making ERCOT Demand Response programs a viable revenue stream for our clients.

Our ERCOT solution provides the following features and capabilities:

  • 1) Utilize an APX QSE or contract with APX as the agent for your QSE
  • 2) APX facilitates registration with ERCOT for ERS
  • 3) For all Ancillary Service Bids, utilize our portal to submit daily and receive cleared awards
  • 4) Simple Integration with client systems for dispatching to end devices
  • 5) High Speed Notifications through various methods for both Load Resource and ERS programs
  • 6) ERS and Load Resource Qualification testing and Annual Testing support
  • 7) Performance Reports to provide feedback and ensure your end clients are participating or give you the opportunity to make adjustments
  • 8) Harvested and Consolidated Settlement data in reports for reconciliation
  • 9) APX hosts a low-cost SCADA Integration with ERCOT for Load Resources to secure communications enabling fast responding curtailments to end meters
  • 10) Rely on Experienced 24×7 Market Operations Support and our certified WAN infrastructure

Today we also support PJM and CAISO demand response programs. Stay tuned for future Webinars or contact us to hear more immediately. We’re rapidly expanding this support to all other ISO’s.

For any questions regarding APX’s Demand Response Solutions in ERCOT, please contact Moisés Melgoza, APX, Inc., 408-517-2129, or Cris Gallegos, APX, Inc., 408-517-2154,