Come see APX at the 7th Annual Platts Nodal Trader Conference in New York City, October 9th and 10th, 2014.

We’d love to meet with you, discuss your needs and how APX can help. Joe Varnas, APX CEO, and Andrew Thornton, Head of Product, will be in attendance. APX is keenly interested in meeting with you and learning how potential market issues can be alleviated through our product suite.

In September 2014, APX will be launching within MarketSuite, scheduling tools in PJM, NYISO, ISONE, MISO and SPP to complement our current scheduling product in CAISO and ERCOT. This is all provided within one central platform including integration with SCADA and ISO settlements in all ISO regions. Additionally, we are also in the midst of supporting clients in the new CAISO EIM market launching this October.

Contact us if you’re interested in meeting at the conference!

Contact Details:

    Gene Krupinski
    (408) 517-2136