APX has launched support for MISO, PJM, NE-ISO, NY-ISO, SPP Scheduling via our MarketSuite platform.

Now our clients can submit from one central portal, all of their bids, trades and schedules in all regions across North America. MarketSuite is integrated with SCADA to provide a turn-key solution for generation owners to assess plant performance and shadow settlement charges.

Furthermore, APX’s experienced 24X7 Operations control center is ready to assist and provide real-time support, communicate issues with unbalanced schedules, call and coordinate plant outages, voltage support and more.

We know that our clients are all different and we have built our systems to be highly-customizable and rapidly deployable. If even merely out of curiosity, contact us to learn more about our products and services.

For additional information and a demo of our systems

    Gene Krupinski
    Head of Sales
    (408) 517-2136