• Set to showcase the North American Renewables Registry (“NAR”) for projects in MISO and SPP 
  • Offered from the pioneer in renewable market infrastructure and REC registries 

Renewable energy developers and utilities in the Southeast use the North American Renewables Registry (NAR) to track generation from projects enabling participation in markets for corporate sustainability, Green-e, and RPS compliance. More than 125 projects located in the Southeast across Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, South Carolina and Tennessee are registered in NAR. Several million RECs are issued form these projects annually.

APX will be showcasing NAR to generators, utilities, cooperatives, and corporate off-takers involved in the renewable energy markets in the Southeast USA at the Southeast Clean Power Summit 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee on February 27-28. The presentation will  also detail recent market trends and present case studies illustrating how companies are managing REC portfolios, supporting C&I purchases, monetizing RECs and providing transparency for their initiatives.

NAR provides the greatest transparency, accountability, and protection against double-counting of any solution in the market today. The registry enables imports and exports of RECs across registries reflecting specific state rules. As corporate renewable energy purchases have increased in the past few years, NAR has solidified its position as the chosen solution for corporations looking to meet their sustainability goals in the Southeast, MISO and SPP markets.

To talk to us about how your organization can benefit from tracking RECs in NAR come see us in Nashville or reach out to us at nar@apx.com or 408-517-2137. We are also available to talk about the additional solutions offered by APX to empower the world’s transition to sustainable energy, including TIGRs, Power Scheduling & Settlement and the APX Environmental Management Account (EMA).