APX Technology Powers Verra’s Plastic Standard

April 9, 2021 — APX Technology Powers Verra’s Plastic Waste Reduction Standard

Verra recently launched the Plastic Waste Reduction Standard (Plastic Standard), enabling companies that have maximally reduced their plastic footprint to finance projects which amass and recycle plastic waste. By incentivizing stakeholders with a robust crediting mechanism, the program aims to significantly reduce the amount of plastic entering the environment and the world’s oceans.

Since our company’s inception in 1996, APX has built comprehensive technological frameworks to model projects like Verra’s Plastic Standard. This latest milestone marks one of many forthcoming sustainability initiatives underpinned by APX technology in the year to come.

APX and Verra: A Groundbreaking Relationship

APX is the technology leader for environmental commodity infrastructure, having digitized seven different energy tracking systems and six different carbon offset and allowance tracking systems around the world for over 18 years. The APX registry platform provides an unmatched end-to-end solution for sustainability-focused clients.  As a proven pioneer in digital platform design, implementation, and hosting, APX continues to lead innovation activities across the energy and environmental technology landscape.

Verra develops and manages standards that are globally applicable, trusted by a broad range of stakeholders to advance action across a variety of sectors and activities. By supporting projects that deliver countless benefits to communities and their surrounding environments, Verra’s programs provide innovative solutions to environmental and social problems. 

The relationship between Verra and APX began in 2008 when Verra named APX as the registry sponsor for their Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). In 2019, Verra entrusted APX to help transition registry services in-house, made possible by the flexibility of APX’s scalable service model. As of last year, APX technology is exclusively powering standards including VCS, Climate Community & Biodiversity (CCB), Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta), California Offset Project Registry (OPR), and Jurisdictional & Nested REDD+ (JNR).

APX launched these registries during the unprecedented circumstances of 2020, fortifying our commitment to the wide breadth of Verra stakeholders and their sustainability objectives. The Verra registry currently offers five programs, three of which (CCB, SD VISta and JNR) are now available to account holders under one registry platform.

APX’s optimal data model and service is built to evolve and constantly improve with our clients. Learn more about the APX services and our optimal solution plans for environmental programs and corporates here