APX is pleased to announce that the APX MarketSuite® is now supporting the first battery in ERCOT that is submitting real-time energy bids. Other energy storage resources have been selling energy in the ERCOT market, but the battery units are the first to utilize ERCOT’s real-time energy bids to optimize their operations. Submitting bids to buy energy in the Real-Time Market allows the resource to use ERCOT economic dispatch to charge the battery.

APX continues to be a leader in wholesale market services for energy storage assets, from the early stages of battery resources in ERCOT, to the burgeoning energy storage market in the California ISO, and battery scheduling and operations in PJM. The APX MarketSuite® provides secure, scalable, centralized wholesale integration for all scheduling and energy accounting activities. Together with dedicated account managers and 24/7 helpdesk support, the APX MarketSuite ensures the success of our client’s participation in the power markets as their businesses expand and requirements grow.

If you would like to get more information or schedule a demo on the APX MarketSuite please reach out to our Sales Manager; Cris Gallegos (cgallegos@apx.com) or send an inquiry through our APX Contact Page.