APX, Inc. is excited to announce our New Cross Market Scheduling and Settlements platform with Settlements in all ISOs available NOW!

Market Participants now have the ability to utilize APX’s state-of-the-art MarketSuite® software to access their settlements in the following ISO’s: CAISO, ERCOT, MISO, NE-ISO, NYISO and PJM. APX’s MarketSuite® is designed to streamline market participants settlement processes and enable users to quickly view all their market data within our standard reports, using one single login.

APX, Inc. has been providing secure hosted web-viewable settlement information to Market Participants for 16+ years. With our hosted model, Market Participant settlement information is readily available with no software to install. Custom reporting can be quickly implemented and is affordable should you need additional information. There is no need to build, buy, install or maintain an IT infrastructure as APX systems run in secure and redundant data centers available anywhere there is Internet access. APX constantly monitors and updates the APX MarketSuite settlement application to support ISO market changes on your behalf.

APX MarketSuite Settlements platform offers the following:

    -Front Office Operations: •Provide a UI for reporting on ISO activity in the energy markets which includes awards, schedules and trades along with relevant prices to help estimate the settlement exposure on Market Participant’s portfolios.
    •API’s for integration with Trade Capture Systems

    -Back Office Operations: •Standard reports for Prices, Meter Data, Generator and Load Performance, SCADA Data, ISO Settlement Statements, Allocations, and Charge Code Validation
    •API’s for integration with Client Systems for the retrieval of market data
    •Dispute Analysis and Dispute Submission Tracking and Support

    -Data Warehousing: •Management of large volumes of data and a powerful reporting server for fast and flexible interactive reporting
    •Storage of all harvested ISO data

    -24×7 Support: •We ensure your data is available for you 24 hours a day 365 days of the year and resolve any ISO system issues on your behalf

For more information, please contact:

Cris Gallegos Moisés Melgoza
CGallegos@apx.com MMelgoza@apx.com
408-517-2154 408-517-2129