APX, Inc. is successfully supporting California ISO’s implementation of FERC Order 764.

On May 1, 2014 the California ISO implemented a new 15 minute market(FMM) to maximize the use of the existing market functionality to meet the FERC Compliance obligation and to address Real-Time market inefficiencies while minimizing seams issues.

As a result, APX updated its technology by introducing the following features to support the FMM:
• New Real Time bidding options for interties
• Allow dynamically scheduled renewable energy imports into the CAISO
• Variable Energy Resources (VER) can elect to automatically use the CAISO forecast or submit their own forecast
• Ability for VERs to submit economic bids to curtail output during low or negative price conditions
• New FMM Charge Codes

“It’s our top priority to support our clients. For the new FMM market we worked closely with them to ensure their business was ready”, Katherine Graham, APX Chief of Operations.

“Integration with APX technology and 24 X 7 Operations allows us to focus on our business and not on scheduling issues. APX has continued to stay ahead and nimble with the latest advancements in the technology space as well as with ISO changes”—TGP Energy Management