APX, Inc. is excited to announce our SCADA ICCP Telemetry Services in multiple ISOs available NOW!

Market Participants now have the ability to utilize APX’s SCADA telemetry services to aggregate their generation and load resource facilities to communicate real-time SCADA Telemetry in to the following ISO’s: ERCOT, MISO, PJM and will be soon providing SCADA Telemetry services in SPP. APX’s SCADA Telemetry is designed to streamline and provide market participants a turnkey solution with the ISO interconnection processes and enable users to quickly view all their resources real time Generation, Load Resource and Dispatches using one single login.

APX has over two decades’ experience providing hosted scheduling and settlements services for wholes markets as well as seven years’ experience providing IT solutions and program administrative and helpdesk support for utility demand response programs and wholesale demand response participation. Custom SCADA views and reporting can be quickly implemented and is affordable should you need additional information. There is no need to build, buy, install or maintain an IT infrastructure or SCADA engineers as APX systems run in secure and redundant data centers available anywhere there is Internet access. APX constantly monitors and updates the APX systems to support ISO market changes on your behalf.

APX MarketSuite SCADA Telemetry platform offers the following:

• Customer costs and overhead are minimized.
• Scalable for all generation resources and demand response.
• Data and systems monitoring by APX 24×7.
• Resource statuses, operating limits, and schedules are automated by integrating with APX MarketSuite®
• Custom alarms for what you deem critical.
• Comprehensive reports for resource performance analysis

For More information, please contact:
Moisés Melgoza