APX Environmental Management Account Overview

Renewable Energy Credit (REC) and Voluntary Carbon Management Solution

APX’s Environmental Management Account provides the solution to the challenges companies face because of changes in Renewable Portfolio Standards, climate regulation, and the complexities inherent in managing an ever-growing portfolio of environmental assets.

By intelligently linking portfolio positions residing on environmental registries into a single access point, EMA accountholders can view, analyze, report, monitor and manage an entire REC or carbon inventory within a single account structure.  Increasing productivity while reducing internal administration and tracking costs.  EMA allows you and your team more time to focus on your core competencies.

What EMA Offers?

  • Portfolio Management
    • Intelligent linking allows for single point of entry for counterparty transfer and retirement obligations
    • Portfolio tracking and valuation including unrealized and realized profit and loss for all portfolio positions
    • Advanced asset/liability management bringing together spot, forward, and futures owned or contracted against compliance obligations
    • Tracks generation and issuance forecasts and matches current and future assets against liabilities
    • Indicative market pricing
  • Deal Trading, Execution and Settlement
    • Integrated counterparty settlement and delivery
    • Spot and forward deal capture and trade entry
    • The ability to create and manage forward sales and purchases and link delivery with each counterparty
    • Pre and post trade analytics
  • Security & Compliance
    • Secure access to accounts and data
    • Comprehensive audit trails and transaction logging
    • Cognizance of SOC2 compliance standards
  • Market Viewer & Reporting 
    • A unified view of your environmental assets and liabilities in a single “balance sheet” view
    • Ability to track generation and issuance forecasts, including compliance or contractual obligations, with asset matching of current and future assets against liabilities
    • Assign and view liability and market exposure by either generation or compliance year calendars
    • Customized reports and analytics
    • Automated alerts and notifications for portfolio events
    • Provides robust audit trail and reporting capabilities

For additional information or to schedule a live demonstration of how EMA can help your business, please contact Lars Kvale at +1 408 517 2137 ((lkvale@apx.com)) or visit our Contact Page